Salon de HIBANA vol.1 [English] – Bring more peace and happiness to your life, with “Hibana Yoga”-

We will open “Salon de HIBANA” where all those who are full of curiosity will be satisfied with new experiences produced by HIBANA LAB.
At an extraordinary space in Malaysia, you’re always welcomed to join.


On Wed. 21st SEP, “Salon de HIBANA vol.1” will have a “HIBANA Yoga” Trial Session. “HIBANA Yoga” is collaborated of Yin Yoga and Crystal Singing Bowls.
You will see how deeply you are relaxed with it.
Please have this experience that you could only meet at HIBANA LAB.
After session, please enjoy shopping natural soaps produced by “Studio j” and Accessories by “It’s Sari”.

“What is HIBANA Yoga?”
At Hibana Yoga, you will take Yin Yoga poses making you more relaxed than Yang Yoga, also called power yoga. Following easy poses that are also good for beginners, face yourself, face your body. With the sound from Crystal Singing Bowls, Yin Yoga will bring you more relaxed “space”, and deep in meditation.

“What are Crystal Singing Bowls?”
Crystal Singing Bowls are similar to a musical instrument created in the USA about 30 years ago for the purpose of “healing through sound. “The bowls are made of the highest quality (99.992%) quartz crystal. The sound of the crystal singing bowls creates a “harmonic tone.” The frequency is 60,000 Hz, far beyond a human’s audible range(20 – 10,000 Hz). This deep tone from the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls will release tension from your mind and body, relax your brain (α wave) and lead to a meditative and hypnotic state (θ wave) which leads to an expansion of awareness. Furthermore, harmonic tones activate cells in your entire body and improve blood flow and your overall health. The tones also help to detoxify and remove impurities from your body.

Salon de HIBANA vol.1
-Bring more peace and happiness to your life, with “Hibana Yoga”-


◎Date & Time
Wed. 21 SEP 2016
1st Session 10:00-11:30
2nd Session 12:00-13:30
*Lecture + Session=60mins/one session

HIBANA LAB (No.15 Jalan Tenggiri, Bangsar, 59100 KL)
*Please search “hibana”, and find “HIBANA LAB” on WAZE
*Sorry but we have very limited parking space. Please come by Taxi/ Uber, as possible.

RM120 → Special Price RM60

8 seats@max

◎Belongings and Outfits :
・Bath (Beach Size) Towels (2~3pcs)
・Wear comfortable clothes, yoga wear recommended
・Water (After session, you’ll get your water as “Wave Water” by Crystalbowl’s sound)
*Bring your own Yoga Mat, if needed. We also provide ones at LAB.

◎To apply :
Please send email to; workshop@hibana.com.my
with your name, contact, and choose 1st or 2nd session

Please pay by cash at Salon de HIBANA.

・Please have more than 30mins interval after meal.
・It is not a medical treatment. It has no connection to any particular religion, either. The benefits participants receive from each session vary from person to person.
・Pregnant women cannot participate. People with other health conditions can choose whether or not to participate.
・Consult with us prior to the session if you have any metal in your body, as it may cause pain or discomfort.

◎”HIBANA Yoga” is recommended for those who:
·constantly feel irritable due to stress,
·have stiff shoulders and body fatigue,
·are busy looking after children and doing chores and have no time to focus on themselves,
·have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep,
·are interested in meditation, or
·wish to improve the balance of mind and body and increase their energy level.

Yogini/ Junko Harada
Born in Tokyo. Designer, Owner of Studio j Sdn. Bhd, a Malaysian natural soap maker. About 10 yrs ago, Junko met Yoga and Master Shilpa at KL, and acquired the qualification as an instructor. She’s been exploring her Yoga style that could calm your mind and bring back you to true and peaceful state, by facing yourself and concentrating your breath. Teachers Training: RYS Registered Yoga School Yoga alliance. certified by Shilpa (Yogshakti.), YinYoga Teachers Training: First level out of 4 done by Sebastian

Crystal Singing Bowl Player / Sari
Born in Tokyo. Designer, healer and owner of “it’s Sari.” Began making accessories using power stones in 2013. Taught herself how to properly use flower essences when she became ill. Heard about Reiki in 2014, and completed the Japan Reiki Care Association’s Master Course. Found out about crystal singing bowls at that time. In 2015, began playing crystal singing bowls and performed healing activities. Lives in Kuala Lumpur with her Malaysian husband and two children.

“HIBANA Yoga” Regular Class OPEN in OCT 2016

“Hibana Yoga” starts regular class from OCT.
Having session regularly, more you’ll get healed.
More details and updates will be released on the website.

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